Another Significant Performance Update! [+Bug Fixes, etc.]

Howdy. I recently discovered that converting large assets done through traditional objects into animation effects has a noticeable result on resources saved and performance. Most of the update deals with this, but there are bug fixes and some other things. 


Raised the final enemy platform in VaporWAVesque by two tiles, as I noticed for first time players there was sort of a beginner's trap with the Gbkyam's being placed so low.

Reduced the tick rate/node switching on main/always active menu scene function.
Reduced the overall GL Verts in VaporWAVesque 2 by deleting redundant/unneeded tiles, as well as temporary background objects which were turned into animation effects (done for both sections of the stage), reducing total cached images in the scene by 2. Reduced total cached objects by 4. GL Verts reduced from about 3700ish to 2700-3100ish (fluctates when certain resources are called).
Reduced total scene layers in VaporWAVesque from 5 to 4.
Removed junk data animation from 2 objects in VaporWAVesque.
Removed redundant object (converted to animation effect instead) in JeejeeJ's boss arena.
Converted Vegetrain background from a large object animation into an effects animation.
Converted 2 background visual objects for JeejeeJ's boss arena into animation effects.
Converted Aldimagh background statue object into an effects animation, disposing of the original object once it's eventing runs.
Reduced object count in each boss arena by using a screen effect to handle fading in, rather than an object with a large animation to achieve the same effect.

Gave Aktubut's on Hard/Nightmare a more visually obvious/fair indicator it's going to shoot a projectile on death.
Added visual animation effect of Eankama running by on the camera lens before Baby Spoders attack the player in the second half of CurioToyze.

Fixed bug which caused Double's HUD not to move off of frame when something is underneath it while Lucid Mode is triggered.
Fixed bug which would prevent Burai from shooting when Lucid Mode/Pausing is disabled.

Fixed bug which caused Gbkyam's not to destroy themselves after falling off the screen when killed by the player.
Fixed bug which caused score not to reset if restarting a game after quitting one mid-session from the mid-game menu.
Fixed bug which caused Power Up Capsule not to destroy itself if it managed to move offscreen to the left without being shot by the player.
Fixed bug which caused Aktubut not to destroy itsef on death on Hard/Nightmare if it's projectile releasing animation finished after being a certain distance off camera.

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